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Infinity Plus eBooks

Shortly after Al Gore invented the Internet and I discovered an online science fiction presence, I immediately took notice of the informative and insightful wesbite Infinity Plus. The original wesbite is no longer updated, but it’s still around and I’m thrilled to learn that the folks behind Infinity Plus have launched a line of eBooks called Infinity Plus eBooks>

From their press release:

Back in 1997 the original infinity plus website started out on the principle that we’d all benefit if a bunch of authors got together and put stories online for free: readers would get a chance to discover new writers, and those writers might share readers around and sell a few more books; and in the meantime, we’d build an online showcase crammed with excellent reading.

Now an ebook imprint, infinity plus is still going strong. With the new infinity plus singles series we’re returning to those launching principles: here’s a bunch of genre authors getting together to make their work available cheaply, giving readers the chance to sample and discover before — we hope — going on to buy our books.

infinity plus singles launched in October 2011 with five titles, two of them already award winners (Iain Rowan’s Derringer Award-winning crime story One Step Closer and Eric Brown’s Interzone readers’ poll winner science fiction, The Time-Lapsed Man).

About infinity plus:

–the infinity plus ebook imprint launched in December 2010 with titles from Eric Brown, Kaitlin Queen and Keith Brooke

–the first 15 infinity plus ebook titles have been top 10 bestsellers in their categories at Amazon

–the first infinity plus singles ebook, Iain Rowan’s Derringer Award-winning One Step Closer, has been number one short story at Amazon UK for several weeks, with over 10,000 downloads

–infinity plus was originally a science fiction, fantasy and horror showcase that ran from 1997 to 2007 and remains online as an archive

–the website holds more than 2.1 million words of fiction, 1000 reviews and 100 interviews

–authors featured on the site include Stephen Baxter, Mary Gentle, Peter F Hamilton, Gwyneth Jones, Vonda N McIntyre, Michael Moorcock, Kim Stanley Robinson, Lucius Shepard, Michael Swanwick, Jack Vance, Connie Willis and Gene Wolfe

–there have been three infinity plus print anthologies

–Praise for infinity plus:

–“looks great. And it’s good to find quality fiction on the web” (Ellen Datlow)

–“one of the Internet’s most valuable resources for intelligent science fiction of high literary quality” (Gardner Dozois)

–“the best place for genre fiction on the web” (SFX)

–“first-rate” (Locus Online)

Further information:

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  1. This is really cool! I love that there’s a sci-fi site dedicated to cheap, quality sci-fi. It seems the big publishing companies are overpricing digital work just to make up profits. Nice to see a site where you don’t have to pay print-book prices for excellent work 🙂 The Infinity Plus eBooks site is saved in my bookmarks and I look forward to reading the work published there.

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