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INFOGRAPHIC: Classic Horror Films

Halloween is just around the corner reminding us to prepare decorations, grab the candy bowl and craft the ultimate costume. In addition to all of the frightening festivities that surround this Holiday, one of the most popular American past times is dusting off our favorite haunting horror films.

It seems like there are more and more horror movies coming out in theaters every day, and that’s because there are. These pictures have evolved from black and white silent films, to five-part series jam packed with gory special effects and HD viewing capabilities. People love to feel scared and get their adrenaline pumping for that hour and 45 minutes. They love the suspense; they love to follow a story line and try to figure out the concluding mystery. Whatever the reason may be, it’s obvious that the public enjoys their horror films.

Although it gets harder and harder to scare or surprise us, the entertainment industry continues to invent new ways to evoke terror in our hearts. To note a few game-changing films: The Exorcist opened doors to the possibility of being possessed by the devil, we saw one of the first serial killers in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Child’s Play will never let us look at a doll the same way.

To see what other bone-chilling cult classics make the most feared list check out this infographic:

a Halloween ode to classic horror films

Cameron Smead is a horror film fanatic who loves every frightening feature of Halloween.

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