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Weekend Playlist: Songs about Moon

Not *the* moon, but Duncan Jone’s fantastic film, Moon. It’s remained one of my favorites, despite repeated viewings, and I fully believe that this will become a classic film in the years to come.

Surprisingly though, there’s been a small group of musicians who’ve penned songs about the movie. It’s a small number, to be sure (making this a short list), but there are some really good things to listen to.

“Wake Me When It’s Quitting Time” by Jagat Skad

Released last November, “Wake Me When It’s Quitting Time” takes its title from the shirt that Sam Bell wears at various points in the film. Jagat Skad, a musician hailing from Berlin, Germany, has put together a quiet, unassuming electronica track. A lyricless track is a little harder to pin down than something with lyrics, but I think this song really hits on the tone and feel of Moon.

You Are Here” by Selene
“Back In The Dark” by Selene
“My Sheep Dolly” by Selene
“Palindrone” by Selene
“Me Today” by Selene

Selene is a hip-hop project created by Richard Rich and Max Tannone, pulling in a number of samples from Clint Mansell’s fantastic soundtrack. I have mixed feelings about this one. I do like quite a bit of the hip-hop and nerdcore that’s out there: it tends to work really well in most cases, but Selene misses at some points: there’s a couple of disconnects between the lyrics and Mansell’s music. That being said, the lyrics are spot on when it comes to inspiration from Moon. “You Are Here” reminds me much of Cake, and it’s easily the strongest track on the album. You can download the entire EP here.

“Earth From Space” by Caesars Rome

Possibly my favorite song inspired by the film, from newcomers Caesar’s Rome. Hailing from the UK, they’ve put together a really good rock song with solid chords and a catchy set of lyrics that have some great energy behind the lyrics. Their music video isn’t too shabby either: well shot, with some neat allusions to Moon in it. Like the song? You can download it via their Bandcamp page.

“Space Oddity” by David Bowie

This is a bit of a cheat, but anytime Moon‘s music is mentioned, David Bowie’s fantastic song “Space Oddity” has to be included. Not only is Bowie Duncan Jone’s father, I can’t help but think that part of Moon has some roots in this song: I’ve always thought that this song could have been played over the end credits.

“Welcome to Lunar Industries” by Clint Mansell

Clint Mansell has written two of my favorite science fiction scores: The Fountain, which is utterly beautiful, perfectly complimenting the film, and Moon, which likewise captures the tone and feel of the film. “Welcome to Lunar Industries” introduces the film and opening credits, and is a wonderfully simple track, with a haunting piano, accompanied by some equally haunting synths. It’s the perfect introduction, and it really makes the film all the more better.

That’s it for this week: hopefully, we’ll see some more songs come from the film (I would very much like to do a part 2 for this list), and it’s interesting to see where people have been inspired, and what they’ve been inspired by. See you next week!

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