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SPAN – A Science Fiction Film Being Funded Through Kickstarter

Seems like it’s the latest trend these days to fund your project through the Internet. One of the latest is SPAN, Paul Moore’s science fiction film being crowd-funded through Kickstarter:

Span is a feature length science fiction film, but at its core, it’s a mystery/suspense film set against an unusual backdrop and containing unique characters in extraordinary circumstances. It is a tale of people charged with executing the most important mission in human history and to what ends they will go to see it through.

Span is also a tale about what it truly means to be human. It explores how hard one will fight to hold on to continuing life. When people ask me what Span is about, I often counter with the questions; if you knew the exact day you were going to die, how would your life change? Would you make new and different choices every day and what would those choices be? Most importantly, if you knew not only when you were going to die, but when you would be reborn, what kind of person would you be? Especially if you were one of the last five people left alive…

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