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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 084): Horror in Science Fiction and Fantasy

In episode 84 of the SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks our irregulars to offer up their thoughts on: Horror in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

October is upon us and in many countries, that means HALLOWEEN! So this month, we are going to be doing panels with a Halloween theme – the first one is: Horror in Science Fiction and Fantasy.

For me – the first thing that pops into my head when you put Science Fiction and Horror together are the Aliens Films. What pops into your head? Books? Movies? Television shows? What are some examples of Science Fiction and Horror blending together well? What are some examples of Science Fiction and Horror failing miserably?

What about Fantasy and Horror?

This week’s panel:

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5 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 084): Horror in Science Fiction and Fantasy

  1. Great podcast guys. Thoroughly entertaining and interesting. 🙂


    I was going to say Harlan Ellison or Peter Hamilton, but then one of you guys covered him.  Stephen King has written scifi stories here and there, aside from whatever The Dark Tower series is.  He did “Beachworld” for Lightspeed Magazine, and I remember reading a story about transporters in Twilight Zone magazine a long time ago (“The Jaunt”).


  3. Dark fantasy round table, YES! 

  4. I’ve been listening to your podcasts for a while  now and enjoy them a great deal. I think they are painfully informative in that you add more books to my want-to-read list than is possible for me to read. Infidels!

    One thing that surprised me about this podcast is this how little love was given to HP Lovecraft. The grandfather of horror and THE creator of COSMIC HORROR? Maybe its because I’m re-reading my SFBC collection of Lovecraft stories and I’ve got Cthulhu on the brain.

    I’d also suggest, along those lines, Stephen King’s IT, which is one part loveletter to Lovecraft in the form of the titular creature. Most other cases of King mixing SF and Horror just don’t work, at least for me – Tommyknockers, Dreamcatcher, and From a Buick 8 in particular didn’t work.


    I though Mira Grant’s Deadline is a solid example of horror and SF elements working well together. Also, James S.A. Corey’s Leviathan Wakes mixes SF and Horror elements (among many other elements) together really well.


    A book from a couple of years ago that was as noble attempt at melding Epic Fantasy and Horror was Black Tattoo by Sam Ethoven.  Great concept but ultimately a bit uneven.

    Daryl Gregory is an author who is moving and blending F, SF, and H very nicely.

  5. Great podcast, guys and gals. Great to hear new voices, too.

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