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This Preview of ‘Grimm’ Will Make You Want More

Well this looks better than the premise led me to believe…

Grimm premieres October 28th on NBC.

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5 Comments on This Preview of ‘Grimm’ Will Make You Want More

  1. Looks very promising but again, what’s the point of showing you the entire plot of an episode including the ending? Can’t people who make previews refrain from giving away plot points?

  2. I thought showing the ending (assuming it was the ending) was a poor choice, too. But hey, at least it looks like they’re heading in the right direction.

  3. I’m still upset ‘Locke & Key’ wasn’t picked up.


  4. NBC always comes up with some great ideas for shows, but dumps them after a season. Their hyperactive management is too quick to let go of a good idea. Some of the best movies, in terms of cult following (and subsequent revenues) were flops at the box office. 

  5. I’m way more enthused about this then my husband is.  When I asked him to record it for me his response “you record it.”  I always mess those recordings up! ahhhh

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