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TOC: Realms of Fantasy, October 2011

Realms of Fantasy has posted the table of contents for the October 2011 issue (with a cover illustration by Ruth Sanderson).


  • “Return to Paraiso” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, illustration by Veronica Casas
  • “The Man Who Made No Mistakes” by Scott William Carter, illustration by Billy Norrby
  • “Second Childhood” by Jerry Oltion, illustration by Laurie Harden
  • “Sweeping the Hearthstone” by Betsy James, illustration by Ruth Sanderson
  • “Barbie Marries the Jolly Fat Baker” by Nick DiChario, illustration by Peter Ferguson


  • Folkroots column: Theodora Goss writes about “The Myth and Magic of Narnia.”
  • Movie column: Resa Nelson writes about the recent surge of fairy tale movies.
  • Artists Gallery: Ruth Sanderson
  • Essay: “The City Is the Forest: a Brief History of Urban Fantasy” by Elizabeth Bear
  • Reviews on games and books
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