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Looking For ‘Epic Win’ Story Suggestions…

Kjartan writes in with a request to SF Signal’s resourceful readers:

A small foregin magazine needs to find a short story to publish in our magazine. We try to print one story in each issue related to the theme of the issue. Next issue will have ‘epic win’ as its theme, so we need to find good short stories that fits. Preferably shorter than 2000 words. We are not a big magazine, but we have a print run of about 1500 copies.

(We will translate the story into our local language and thus give the writer more bragging rights. Nothing will be published without the author’s cosent of course)

Can anyone help out?

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3 Comments on Looking For ‘Epic Win’ Story Suggestions…

  1. No ideas out there?

    Any suggestions will be appreciated

  2. a young space cadet patrolling the edge of the solar system becomes a hero after defeating an invading alien armada. unknown to everyone else, the species is actually tiny and has spaceships only a foot long



  3. LOL

    Great idea! Have you read or written any such stories?

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