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Raiding The Lost Ark – A Filmumentary

Raiding the Lost Ark is a fan made documentary about the creation and filming of, you guessed it, Raiders of the Lost Ark. The creator, Jambe Davdar has taken the original film and has added audio from interviews with the cast and crew, plus the occasional video/photograph, in time to the action on the screen. What comes out is basically a ‘commentary’ track for the movie, but one that’s actually interesting. I started watching and was sadly disappointed when the 17 minutes all too soon came to an end. Part of that is, of course, Raiders is still an awesome movie all these years later and part is the information adds more enjoyment to the movie. Good job Jambe!

This is only part 1, I can’t wait to see the rest.

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1 Comment on Raiding The Lost Ark – A Filmumentary

  1. Thoroughly enjoyable and fascinating. Especially loved Alfred Molina’s story about how they made the spiders move. One complaint: some of the text items they blow up move too quickly to read and you have to pause and go back. But otherwise, can’t wait for more.

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