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TOC: ‘Heiresses of Russ’ Edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft and Steve Berman

Steve Berman has posted the table of contents for the upcoming anthology he co-edited with JoSelle Vanderhooft: Heiresses of Russ, a new annual anthology created in honor of Joanna Russ:

  1. “Ghost of a Horse Under a Chandelier” by Groegina Bruce
  2. “Storyville 1910” by Jewelle Gomez
  3. “Her Heart Would Surely Break in Two” by Michelle Labbé
  4. “Black Eyed Susan” by Esther Garber / Tanith Lee
  5. “Thimbleriggery and Fledglings” by Steve Berman
  6. “The Lady Who Plucked Red Flowers beneath the Queen’s Window” by Rachel Swirsky
  7. “The Children of Cadmus” by [info]ellen_kushner
  8. “The Guest” by Zen Cho
  9. “Rabbits” by Csilla Kleinheincz
  10. “The Egyptian Cat” by Catherine Lundoff
  11. “World War III Doesn’t Last Long” by Nora Olsen
  12. “The Effluent Engine.” by N. K. Jemisin
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