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Tuesday Tune: ‘The Never Ending Story’ by Miu Sakamoto

The Never Ending Story, aside from being a book, was a movie released in 1984 and tells the story of Bastian Bux, a boy who escapes the real world into the world of Fantasia. It’s on okay movie I suppose, aimed more at the younger set but fine for what it is. However, it also spawned a very successful single (No. 6 in the US) of the same name by Limahl. This is not that song. This is a cover by Japanese singer Miu Sakamoto and is, in my opinion, one of those times where the cover is better than the original. I really like the use of the piano and cello (?) here and the whole thing is done wonderfully.


Bonus original video after the jump…

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Here is the original song in all it’s 80’s cheesy, big hair splendor.

Everything about this video screams ’80s. It’s still kinda catchy though.

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