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Beware the Hairy Mango: ‘The Careerist’s Guide to the Sea’

A very Mangy Christmas to all of you SF Signalites and your patchy dogs too! We’re temporarily skipping a few episodes of Beware The Hairy Mango in order to deliver the four part pirate epic, The Careerist’s Guide to the Sea, right up your chimney! It’s the Christmas present you didn’t know you didn’t want! Dole it out slowly and cover half of Chanukah! No matter what religious affiliation your damned greedy kids enjoy, we’ve got you covered.

WARNING! I’ll bet there’s some dirty stuff in at least one of these shows!

Episode 89: “The Careerists Guide to the Sea, Part 1”

Episode 90: “The Careerists Guide to the Sea, Part 2”

Episode 91: “The Careerists Guide to the Sea, Part 3”

Episode 92: “The Careerists Guide to the Sea, Part 4”

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