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Book Cover Smackdown! ‘EVE: Templar One’ vs. ‘A Million Suns’ vs. ‘The Chalice of Death’

Calling all armchair art critics! It’s time once again for another Book Cover Smackdown!

Here are today’s contenders…

Your Mission (should you choose to accept it): Tell us which cover you like best and why.

Books shown here:

  1. EVE: Templar One by Tony Gonzales (Tor Books; Artist: Unknown)
  2. A Million Suns by Beth Revis (Razorbill; Artist: Unknown)
  3. The Chalice of Death: Three Novels of Mystery in Space by Robert Silverberg (Paizo Publishing; Artist: Unknown)

NOTE: Bigger, better cover art images are available by clicking the images or title links.

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8 Comments on Book Cover Smackdown! ‘EVE: Templar One’ vs. ‘A Million Suns’ vs. ‘The Chalice of Death’

  1. EVE: Templar One. Great cover.

  2. Definitely A Million Suns. Has the look of a great SF movie – rich and deep. That said, I think the other two would sell well if they’re being specifically marketed to videogame or retro-sci-fi fans.

  3. There seems to be a weird theme with these new Silverberg covers.

  4. I’m particularly intrigued by ‘Scrapheap Angel’, since RJ Astruc and Deirdre Murphy are both excellent writers, but quite different. I really want to see what a collaboration between them will look like. Thanks for this helpful and provocative review.


  5. I think the Chalice of Death cover is the pre-production one, I think the new one looks like this:

    and I think the artist is Kieran Yanner.

  6. EVE, definitely. Looks awesome.

  7. @TW: Thanks for that, the finished piece looks a lot better.

    I like the Chalice of Death cover because it works so well as a companion to the previous cover from this series we saw in the Smackdown. I Like when covers tie a series together.

    A Million Suns has some nice colors but doesn’t do much for me.

    EVE is the winner for me. I think it looks cool. But strangely, doesn’t hold up so well when you click through to the bigger one. It’s a little too rough and unfinished I think. More concept art than finished piece.

  8. EVE takes the cake–dark and haunting. I dig the Chalice of Death cover, but not enough to hand it the title (clearly). A Million Suns–I’ve seen about a million recycling of the Andromeda galaxy in cover art and, yes, it is a lovely image…but this galaxy is to book covers as brick walls are to band press photos. Over done!

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