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HUMOR: Extended Scene From ‘Independence Day’

I want a job where I can make videos like this all the time.

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2 Comments on HUMOR: Extended Scene From ‘Independence Day’

  1. joshua Corning // December 9, 2011 at 1:34 am //

    Do one about the complete irrationality of invading earth for its resources.


    “So why are you here?”


    “We need your water.”


    “dude take it from Europa it has less gravity and is in solid form which is easier to ship…Jesus man you had to have passed it to get here in the first place.”


    “Well…ok we need your oxygen.”


    “What? Water has oxygen in it….hell we have the technology to take the oxygen out of water and we can’t friggin fly between stars like you can.”


    “Your women?”


    “for what?”


    “To breed with maybe…”


    “You don’t even have DNA how could you breed with them.”


    “Just sex then…earth human females are hot.”


    “You are a clone…you have a robot army…can’t you just make hot robot clones to have sex with?”


    “They are super hot.”


    “Now you are just being stupid.”


    “Ok ok ok…we are after protoculture and the cosmic DNA of life…maybe even some Unobtanium.”

    “That is it!!! Get out!!!”

  2. Correction: I want *Joshua* to have a job where he makes videos like this. πŸ™‚

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