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Popcorn Science Fiction Books

You know when you’re reading a science fiction book and you think to yourself how deep and meaningful it is? Yeah, well forget about those for now because this week the Kirkus Reviews Blog, I take a look at the other end of the literary spectrum: Popcorn Science Fiction Books.

Proponents of literary science fiction are often so fixated on proving the literary merits of sf, that it’s easy to overlook a simple fact: reading science fiction can be fun. Sure, there is a certain kind of pleasure that can be derived from literature utilizing symbolism and dabbling in The Deeper Meaning of Life (DML) — sf can easily be a vehicle for substantial food for thought – but there’s another kind of pleasure that comes from books that forgo the DML in favor of unabashed action and adventure.

Check it out and see which books I name as fun popcorn sf books. And tell me your favorites, too!

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3 Comments on Popcorn Science Fiction Books

  1. Old Man’s War is one of my favorite popcorn books.  Talk about action!  This is a book that’s dying to be made into a big budget action flick.  And while we’re talking about popcorn and action flicks I recommend reading Edgar Rice Burroughs’ A Princess of Mars before the movie comes out.  A sincere guilty pleasure page turner if ever there was one.  Every chapter ends in a cliff-hanger with John Carter facing impossible odds.  How will he get out of this one?!  Turn the page….

  2. Steve Oerkfitz // December 21, 2011 at 9:40 pm //

    I enjoyed the Scalzi but the Bunch and Lee books are terribly written and I never got thru one. I would recommend some Jack Vance.

  3. Definitely very cool to see an article concentrating on scifi that is fun to read. Sometimes that is want you want/need in a book. I have had Old Man’s War and The Breach in my to be read pile for some time. I have to get cracking.

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