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The Book Trailer for Alastair Reynolds’ ‘Blue Remembered Earth’ Has to be One of the Best Ones Yet

OK, as book trailers go…this is freakin’ cool.

Blue Remembered Earth is the first volume in a monumental trilogy tracing the Akinya family across more than ten thousand years of future history…out beyond the solar system, into interstellar space and the dawn of galactic society.

One hundred and fifty years from now, in a world where Africa is the dominant technological and economic power, and where crime, war, disease and poverty have been banished to history, Geoffrey Akinya wants only one thing: to be left in peace, so that he can continue his studies into the elephants of the Amboseli basin. But Geoffrey’s family, the vast Akinya business empire, has other plans. After the death of Eunice, Geoffrey’s grandmother, erstwhile space explorer and entrepreneur, something awkward has come to light on the Moon, and Geoffrey is tasked – well, blackmailed, really – to go up there and make sure the family’s name stays suitably unblemished. But little does Geoffrey realise – or anyone else in the family, for that matter – what he’s about to unravel. Eunice’s ashes have already have been scattered in sight of Kilimanjaro. But the secrets she died with are about to come back out into the open, and they could change everything. Or shatter this near-utopia into shards .

And here’s how that synopsis looks on video. Tell me your interest isn’t piqued…

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5 Comments on The Book Trailer for Alastair Reynolds’ ‘Blue Remembered Earth’ Has to be One of the Best Ones Yet

  1. Remember the Sliders episode where they wind up on an “egghead earth?”

    On that Earth, this trailer is on heavy rotation on television.  

  2. I’ll second that, really frickin’ cool!

  3. David Greybeard // December 14, 2011 at 11:19 am //

    I’ve read a couple of Reynolds novels and I’m definately picking this one up. But I have to admit the trailer didn’t influnce my decision. I’d already pre-ordered before I saw it.

  4. joshua Corning // December 18, 2011 at 3:36 pm //

    I have no idea what this video is going for…


    Cuz based on the book’s title and video i am thinking this book is an environmental thriller that largely takes place on the future’s version of facebook….and it may have a romantic subplot about a guy who lives on earth and a girl who lives on the moon.


  5. When he was on Coode St, he said he was going for a positive near future kind of thing with this series.

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