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TOC: ‘Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead’ Edited by Stephen Jones

Here’s the table of contents for Haunts: Reliquaries of the Dead edited by Stephen Jones, an anthology of new and reprinted ghost stories:

  1. “The Revenant” by Richard L. Tierney
  2. “A Warning to the Curious” by M.R. James
  3. “The Door” by R. Chetwynd-Hayes
  4. “Hand to Mouth” by Reggie Oliver
  5. “Two O’Clock Session” by Richard Matheson
  6. “Inheritance” by Paul McAuley
  7. “Grandmother’s Slippers” by Sarah Pinborough
  8. “The Mystery” by Peter Atkins
  9. “Poison Pen” by Christopher Fowler
  10. “Return Journey” by Ramsey Campbell
  11. “Grandfather’s Teeth” by Lisa Tuttle
  12. “Ill Met by Daylight” by Basil Copper
  13. “The Place ” by John Gordon
  14. “The Bridegroom” by R.B. Russell
  15. “Is There Anybody There?” by Kim Newman
  16. “Wait” by Conrad Williams
  17. “City of Dreams” by Richard Christian Matheson
  18. “A House on Fire” by Tanith Lee
  19. “Party Talk” by John Gaskin
  20. “The Hurting Words” by Simon Kurt Unsworth
  21. “The Church at Monte Saturno” by Robert Silverberg
  22. “The Hidden Chamber” by Neil Gaiman
  23. “Good Grief” by Robert Shearman
  24. “Blue Lady, Come Back” by Karl Edward Wagner
  25. “The Naughty Step” by Michael Marshall Smith

[via Paul McAuley]

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