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Top 25 SF Signal Posts for November 2011

In case you missed them, here are The Top 25 SF Signal Posts for November 2011, according to Google Analytics:

  1. 132 SF/F/H Books Coming Out in November 2011 – Which Ones Do You Want?
  2. Prime Books Sells Magazines Lightspeed and Fantasy to Editor John Joseph Adams
  3. [GUEST POST] Myke Cole on Warhammer 40K and Apocalypse Literature
  4. MIND MELD: You Gotta Have Character: Character-Driven Science Fiction Stories With Plenty of Sense of Wonder
  5. [GUEST POST] James L. Sutter on Atheism in Fantasy
  6. REVIEW: Halo – Glasslands by Karen Traviss
  7. The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 093): An Interview with Howard Tayler
  8. MIND MELD: Our Favorite SF/F Media Consumed During 2011
  9. MIND MELD: Writing Tools and Exercises
  10. [GUEST POST] Howard Andrew Jones on The Roots of Arabian Fantasy
  11. AUDIOBOOK GIVEAWAY: Win ‘The Alloy of Law: A Mistborn Novel’ by Brandon Sanderson
  12. Book Cover Smackdown! ‘Phases of Gravity’ vs. ‘Tales from Super-Science Fiction’ vs. ‘Count to a Trillion’
  13. SFFWRTCHT: An Interview With Jack McDevitt
  14. Free Fiction for 11/12/11
  15. LOST INTERVIEW: A 2-Hour Conversation with Philip K. Dick (1979)
  16. Free eBook: ‘The Engines of Dawn’ by Paul Cook
  17. MIND MELD: SF/F Biographies and Memoirs Worth Reading
  18. The Poetic Words of H.P. Lovecraft…Set to Bluegrass Music. Seriously.
  19. EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Athena Andreadis, Ph. D.
  20. VIDEO: China Miéville on Scholarly SF/F and The Academic/Fan Divide
  21. Artifice and Apparitions: A Reverie Concerning Fantastika’s Fictive Vivifications
  22. 10 Worthwhile Science Fiction and Fantasy Books to Look For in December 2011
  23. Free Fiction for 11/05/11
  24. REVIEW: The Emperor’s Knife by Mazarkis Williams
  25. VIDEO: How Batman Got His Voice
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