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‘Zoo City’ and ‘Boneshaker’ To Be Adapted for Film

Looks like it’s a good week for science fiction literature! Recently announced were, not one, but two science fiction books that are headed to the big screen!

First, Lauren Buekes’ award-winning urban fantasy novel, Zoo City, has been optioned for film and television.

The second announcement is that Cherie Priest’s steampunk/zombie mashup novel Boneshaker is also headed for the big screen.

Congratulation to both Lauren and Cherie! This is terrific news…

We all know good things come in threes…which begs the question: Which other science fiction book would you like to see made into a film?

UPDATE: We have our #3! Grahame-Smith’s UNHOLY NIGHT Headed to Big Screen.

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6 Comments on ‘Zoo City’ and ‘Boneshaker’ To Be Adapted for Film

  1. Absolutely loved Boneshaker when I read it last year, and now I’m putting Zoo City on my must read list.  I think the best book I read in 2010 was The Passage by Cronin.  Since he’s supposed to be continuing this tale in another book, this would make a terrific film.

    So happy for Cherie Priest! I’ve read a couple of her books and she deserves this success!

  2. I heard that the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov may be being turned into a film, but I’m not sure if these rumours are true. If they are however, please GO AHEAD, it would be awesome! (I’m 15 and ever since I read the series I became hooked to science fiction. I also think the Rama series by Arthur C. Clarke would be really interesting too as a film, although I realise a lot of CGI would have to be used!)

  3. I’d love to see someone do some dark comedy sci-fi, either with Cory Doctorow’s Down & Out in the Magic Kingdom or  Warren Ellis’s Crooked Little Vein. Another Sorkin/Fincher team-up a la The Social Network would do wonders for those materials.

  4. Algot Runeman // December 1, 2011 at 9:36 am //

    The trilogy WWW: Wake – WWW: Watch WWW: Wonder by Robert J. Sawyer


    Deep ideas and a youth factor without need for vampires or zombies.

  5. Roddy Reta // December 1, 2011 at 9:44 am //

    SPIN by Robert Charles Wilson would make a great film.   Interesting concept, and three-dimensional characters.

    Still would like to see that ALTERED CARBON movie as well.

  6. Yarn or Grey by Jon Armstong would make visually stunning films.

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