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IDW Announces ‘Zombies vs. Robots’ Prose eBook Titles

IDW has announced a new Zombies vs. Robots prose ePub program called the “8×8 Plan”, which offers one new story each week for eight weeks. The program began on January 20th. Each titile is avilable for only 99 cents wherever fine eBooks are sold.

Here’s their lineup:

  • “Pammi Shaw: Creator of Gods and Also Blogger” by Brea Grant
  • “To Denver (With Hiram Battling Zombies)” by Steve Rasnic Tem
  • “Angus: Zombie-Versus-Robot Fighter” by Nancy A. Collins
  • “Throckmorton’s Bad Day” by Nick Mamatas
  • “Mademoiselle Consuela and Her Army of One” by Amber Benson
  • “The Wizards Versus the Bots” by Don Webb
  • “The River of Memory” by Kaaron Warren
  • “Kettletop’s Revisionary Plot” by Lincoln Crisler
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