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Daily Science Fiction Roster of Stories for March 2012

Daily Science Fiction has announced its March 2012 line-up of free stories which continues the Numbers Quartet sequence:

  • March 1: “Genie Electric” by Andrew Kaye
  • March 2: “The Sacred Tree” by Mike Resnick
  • March 5: “The Way” by Frank Dutkiewicz
  • March 6: “Painted Haven” by Michael Banker
  • March 7: “How Love Works” by Stephen Gaskell (The Numbers Quartet)
  • March 8: “Prophet” by Laura Lee McArdle
  • March 9: “Insomnia” by A.G. Carpenter
  • March 12: “The Take” by Alex Shvartsman
  • March 13: “Mortal Coil” by Ian Nichol
  • March 14: “The Heartless Light of Stars” by Aliette de Bodard (The Numbers Quartet)
  • March 15: “The Body Shop” by Devin Wallace
  • March 16: “No Gift of Words” by Annie Bellet
  • March 19: “Memories of My Mother” by Ken Liu
  • March 20: “Guaranteed to Work” by Lee Hallison
  • March 21: “Godshift” by Nancy Fulda (The Numbers Quartet)
  • March 22: “The Fabulous Hotel” by Sandra McDonald
  • March 23: “Frog/Prince” by Melissa Mead
  • March 26: “In the Unlikely Event” by Ferrett Steinmetz
  • March 27: “A Different Rain” by Mari Ness
  • March 28: “Underneath” by Amelia Beamer
  • March 29: “Offering Solace” by Jamie Lackey
  • March 30: “The White Raven’s Feather” by David D. Levine
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