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Fan-Made ‘John Carter’ Trailer Puts Official Trailers to Shame

A fan (way to go, Mike!) took re-cut the many officially released John Carter trailers and put one together that tells the story (adapted from Edgar Rice Burroughs first novel A Princess of Mars) better than they did.

Really looking forward to the release!

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6 Comments on Fan-Made ‘John Carter’ Trailer Puts Official Trailers to Shame

  1. Ah, nicely done. The first official trailer had me worried. Please please let the actual scriptwriters be competent…

  2. “Please please let the actual scriptwriters be competent…”

    I suspect that Michael Chabon, Pulitzer Prize and Hugo Award winning author and avowed lifelong fan of Barsoom, is pretty good. The question is more likely how many changes the writer and director felt had to be made to give the story a broader appeal to mainstream audiences.

  3. Paul Weimer // February 23, 2012 at 5:38 am //

    What worries me is that the marketing and the blah title will sink what would otherwise be a tentpole movie into failure status.

  4. Agree with the comments. The director of the film actually tweeted about this fan trailer. It comes from a site called which is working to build a ground swell of support for the movie, in spite of Disney’s poor attempts at marketing.

  5. Please, please, please be a good movie. I’ve loved the John Carter stories since I was a boy, 40 years ago. Making a movie out of them has been a long time coming…Disney, don’t mess it up. I’m already not crazy about your marketing–the blah title does nothing to promote the film. Don’t make any more missteps, Disney. We fans are holding your feet to the fire on this one.

  6. Thanks for the shootout Larry….we’re grinding hard. John Carter has been getting a bunch of great reviews in the last day or two — still not from the big reviewers, but pretty much all positive. We’re grinding on spreading the word. Inmates are taking over the asylum! http://thejohncarterfiles.

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