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Save $100 on This Cruise Liner Writing Workshop (Learn from Toni Weisskopf, Nancy Kress, Mike Resnick and More!)

Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick is sponsoring a writer’s workshop that features some outstanding talent. Participants include Toni Weisskopf (Head of Baen Publishing), Eleanor Wood (Spectrum Literary Agency, representing Bujold, Heinlein estate, etc.), Mike Resnick (GOH this year’s Worldcon), Kevin J. Anderson, Nancy Kress, Jack Skillingstead, Rebecca Moesta and Paul Cook.

As if that weren’t enticement enough, the 3-day workshop takes place on board a luxury cruise liner visiting the Bahamas! It takes place between December 3 and December 7, 2012. Port of embarkation/disembarkation is Miami, Florida.

Still want more? How about this: use the code SFSignal and get $100 off the registration fee at the time of signing.

Get full details at

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