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SF Signal is Broadcasting Live This Weekend To Help Launch Geek News Radio!

Calling all geeks! There’s a new 24-hour podcasting station heading your way. It’s called Geek News Radio and it collects a dozen geek-related podcasts and stitches them together for your round-the-clock listening pleasure!

SF Signal is pleased to announce that we’re a part of Geek News Radio. Here’s a list of all 12 podcasts that make up Geek News Radio:

Geek News Radio launches this weekend, February 18th 2012, with a LIVE BROADCAST of several participants, including SF Signal!

Here’s the planned schedule (All times in GMT):

  • 4 pm – The Book Club
  • 5 pm – The Next Level
  • 6 pm – Small Press Big Mouth
  • 7 pm – Comic Book Outsiders
  • 8 pm – Sidekickcast
  • 9 pm – Speak Easy
  • 11 pm – SF Signal

For the time-zonally impaired folks in the U.S. (looks at self), that means that SF Signal begins its live broadcast at 6PM ET / 5PM CT / 4PM MT / 3PM PT.

I do hope you’ll tune in.

Want more info? Here’s the press release:


Geek News Radio, an online radio station comprised of a dozen geek culture podcast, launches in February 18th 2012 with a live podcast. The new online network provides listeners with a range of podcasts across a wide spectrum of interests including independent comics, movies, SFF publishing, mainstream comics, computer and video games, dark fiction and SFF literature.

Stephen Aryan, the co-founder of Geek News Radio (GNR) explained a little more about the decision to bring these particular podcasts together: “When I started podcasting back in 2007 the medium was just starting to take off, people were still coming to grips with the technology and geek podcasts numbered in the hundreds. Now there are thousands of them, which is both a blessing and a curse. Now there is something for everyone, with podcasts existing for every niche hobby and interest, but it also makes finding good podcasts that much more difficult.”

“The goal of GNR is to offer listeners a range of shows that cover a broad spectrum of material which encompass several of their interests. Each shows brings something different to the table whether it’s comics, movies, TV or books and many of them feature interviews with creators. I’m a lifelong comic book fan but I also read a lot of SFF novels and I enjoy listening to interviews and discussions. It took me a long time to find great SFF podcasts like SF Signal and Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing and I am delighted that both podcasts agreed to be part of GNR.

“The hosts of all of the shows are unique but the one thing they all have in common is their passion and enthusiasm for their chosen subject. Launching with a live podcast seemed like a great way to bring the podcasts together on one day and give listeners something unique.”

After the live broadcast GNR is being broadcast via Stitcher which offers listeners a number of different methods for accessing content via mobile devices or through the Internet. It also sews together all of the podcasts on the network to create one continuous RSS feed which streams content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. This enables listeners to tune in at any time to hear the latest show from each podcast and when new episodes are uploaded they will automatically be added into the feed.

Debuting with a dozen podcasts with hosts in both the UK and US, it is expected that GNR will grow in the future as more unique shows are identified and added to the list. The twelve podcasts on the network are Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing, Collected Comics Library, Comic Book Outsiders, Dark Fiction Magazine, Geek to Geek, Movies You Should See, The Book Club, The Next Level, The Sidekickcast, The Speak Easy, SF Signal and Small Press Big Mouth.

For more information about GNR and links to all of the podcasts on the network visit

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  1. Oh well. Technical difficulties prevented our live broadcast. On the bright side, we were very entertaining to ourselves. 🙂

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