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The ‘Necropolis’ Kindle Fire Giveaway

Author Michael Dempsey tells us that his book Necropolis is being promoted with some very cool prizes.

Entrants in the The Necropolis Kindle Fire Giveaway may receive one of the following przies:

  • 1ST PRIZE (1): AMAZON KINDLE FIRE – With Amazon’s amazing full-color Kindle Fire e-reader, surf the web, read books, watch movies, music, games, apps and more!
  • 2ND PRIZE (2): AMAZON KINDLE – Two second prize winners will receive Amazon’s original Kindle, the world’s best-selling e-reader!
  • 3RD PRIZE (4): $40 AMAZON GIFT CARDS – Four third-prized winners will receive $40 Amazon gift cards: buy books, movies, clothing–anything you want!

The giveaway ends March 18, 2012 and you may enter as many times as you like. Check out The Necropolis Kindle Fire Giveaway website for details on how to enter.

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