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TOC: ‘Crackpot Palace’ by Jeffrey Ford

Jeffrey Ford has posted the table of contents for his upcoming collection Crackpot Palace:

  1. “Polka dots and Moonbeams”
  2. “Down Atsion Road”
  3. “Sit the Dead”
  4. “The Seventh Expression of the Robot General”
  5. “86 Deathdick Road”
  6. “After Moreau”
  7. “The Hag’s Peak Affair”
  8. “The Coral Heart”
  9. “The Double of My Double Is Not My Double”
  10. “Daltharee”
  11. “Ganesha”
  12. “Every Richie There Is”
  13. “The Dream of Reason”
  14. “The War Between Heaven and Hell Wallpaper”
  15. “Relic”
  16. “Glass Eels”
  17. “The Wish Head”
  18. “Weiroot”
  19. “Dr. Lash Remembers”
  20. “Daddy Long Legs of the Evening”
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