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TOC: ‘Digital Rapture: The Singularity Anthology’ Edited by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel

Tachyon has sent us the table of contents for the upcoming anthology Digital Rapture: The Singularity Anthology edited by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel. It arrives on August 1, 2012:


When the Singularity arrives, and computers possess superhuman intelligence, will there be an ecstatic merging of machine and mind—or an instantaneous techno-apocalypse? Will there be the enslavement of humanity or “the Rapture of the Nerds”? The post-human future is here in its wildest science-fictional imaginings and intriguing scientific speculations. This far-reaching anthology traces the path of the Singularity, an era when advances in technology will totally transform human reality. It travels to the alien far-future of H. G. Wells (Mind at the End of Its Tether), to the almost human near-future of Ray Kurzweil (The Singularity is Near), from Elizabeth Bear’s fusion of woman, machine, God, and shark (“The Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe”), to Isaac Asimov’s evolution of ineffable logic (“The Last Question”). As intelligence both figuratively (and possibly literally) explodes, science fiction authors and futurists have dared to peek over the edge of the event horizon. Do you dare to join them there?

Table of Contents:

The End of the Human Era

  1. “The Last Question” by Isaac Asimov
  2. “The Flesh” by J. D. Bernal (Excerpted from The World, The Flesh and the Devil: An Inquiry into the Future of the Three Enemies of the Rational Soul)
  3. “Day Million” by Frederik Pohl

The Posthumans

  1. “Thought and Action” by Olaf Stapledon (Chapter Six from Odd John)
  2. “The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era” by Vernor Vinge
  3. “Hive Mind Man” by Eileen Gunn & Rudy Rucker
  4. “Sunken Gardens” by Bruce Sterling

Across the Event Horizon

  1. “The Six Epochs” by Ray Kurzweil (Chapter One from The Singularity Is Near)
  2. “Crystal Nights” by Greg Egan
  3. “Firewall” by David Levine
  4. “The Cookie Monster” by Vernor Vinge
  5. “Cracklegrackle” by Justina Robson

The Others

  1. “Nightfall” by Charles Stross
  2. “Coelacanths” by Robert Reed
  3. “The Great Awakening” by Rudy Rucker
  4. “True Names” by Cory Doctorow & Ben Rosenbaum
  5. “The Server and the Dragon” by Hannu Rajaniemi
  6. “Inevitable Heat Death of the Universe” by Elizabeth Bear
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2 Comments on TOC: ‘Digital Rapture: The Singularity Anthology’ Edited by James Patrick Kelly & John Kessel

  1. Kelly and Kessel make a great anthologist’s team (having read and reviewed their anthology on Kakfa not long ago). And this looks to be a good lineup, some real classics.

  2. I’ve read a number of these stories/essays, but not all of them. Might just have to pick this one up. I agree with Paul: Kelly and Kessel make a great team.

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