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TOC: ‘The Red Empire and Other Stories’ by Joe McKinney

Redrum Horror has sent us the table of contents for Joe McKinney’s collection The Red Empire and Other Stories:

Joe McKinney’s debut collection, The Red Empire & Other Stories, brings together eight tales of haunted policemen and cosmic horrors…

A chance encounter with a homeless man one hot summer night opens the doors of perception for a Houston beat cop…

Genetically engineered fire ants threaten to devour a small Texas border town, and the only thing in their way is a grief-stricken county man…

An ex-detective can no longer run from the ghost of his greatest failure…

A rare piece of non-fiction chronicles the author’s fifteen year investigation into a century old cold case…

  1. “The Red Empire”
  2. “Blemish”
  3. “Cold Case”
  4. “The Old Man Under the Sea”
  5. “The Millstone”
  6. “Empty Room”
  7. “Burning Finger Man”
  8. “Eyes Open”
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