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Tuesday Tune: She Don’t Like Firefly by Mikey Mason

I’m betting the word ‘Firefly’ made you at least take a look at this post. And since you’re reading this on SF Signal (the purveyors of all fine things science fiction) I’m betting you like Firefly. A lot. You may even have a browncoat to your, but you’ve definitely seen Joss Whedon’s truncated masterpiece several times. You may have even tried to introduce Firefly to that special someone in your life. But what happens when that someone doesn’t like Firefly (I know! Crazy right?)? Singer/songwriter Mikey Mason takes drastic action. Was he in the right? You decide!

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2 Comments on Tuesday Tune: She Don’t Like Firefly by Mikey Mason

  1. Joshua corning // February 21, 2012 at 7:59 pm //

    Remember when the New York Times said that the Game of Thrones only appealed to guys?

    You know the court fantasy romance novels/tv series with the characters Jon Snow and Daenerys….

    To think that anything Whedon has made appeals more to men then women is nearly as preposterous.

  2. I love SF Signal, but I don’t like the assumption that everyone who frequents the site likes Firefly. I dislike everything by Joss Whedon (especially the dialogue) and I’d like it if there was a forum for the 2% with taste.

    I know, I’m hateful. xox

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