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Free eBook: ‘The Big Jump’ by Leigh Brackett

Phoenix Pick is continuing their “Free eBook-a-Month” promotion! This month, it’s Leigh Brackett’s The Big Jump!

About the book:

What awaits us out in space?

New star-drive engines promise to open up the galaxy to humankind. But the first ship to use the engines disappears and a sole survivor returns…alone and dying of some strange type of radiation.

No one can figure out what has happened to the ship or the crew. Nor does anyone know what happens to a ship travelling using star-drive technology.

Does some unknown horror await us out there?

The only way to find out is to go out again. And Arch Comyn is determined to be the one to solve the mystery.

But is he, and the rest of mankind, ready for whatever awaits us beyond The Big Jump?

Leigh Douglass Brackett (December 7, 1915 – March 18, 1978) was an American author, particularly of science fiction. She was also a screenwriter, known for her work on famous films such as The Big Sleep (1945), Rio Bravo (1959), The Long Goodbye (1973) and The Empire Strikes Back (1980). Her novel The Long Tomorrow is one of the original post-holocaust books and considered by many to be a classic work on the subject.

Instructions and download/purchase links at Phoenix Pick’s catalogue page. The Coupon Code for the free eBook is 9991393 and is only good between March 2nd – March 31st, 2012.

Also: A reminder that rates for the Sail to Success writing workshop (with Toni Weisskopf, Eleanor Wood, Mike Resnick, Nancy Kress, Kevin J. Anderson and more) will go up after March 31. SF Signal readers can save $100!

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  1. Oh, nice! Yep, going to grab this one. Thanks, John!

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