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Free Kindle eBook [US and UK]: ‘Déjà Vu’ by Ian Hocking

For the next 3 days, Déjà Vu, book one in The Saskia Brandt Series by Ian Hocking (who we interviewed here), is available for the low, low price of free from Amazon U.S. and Amazon U.K.

Here’s the book description:

** Winner of the 2011 Red Adept Reviews Indie Award for Science Fiction **

It is 2023. Scientist David Proctor is running for his life. On his trail is Saskia Brandt, a detective with the European FIB. She has questions. Questions about a bomb that exploded back in 2003. But someone is hunting her too. The clues are in the shattered memories of her previous life.

Déjà Vu takes the reader on a startling journey through a possible future, though digital minds, and through the consequences of the choices we make. It is the debut novel by Ian Hocking.

Grab it while it’s free!

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