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New ‘Prometheus’ Trailer Presses All the Right Buttons

My take: Yes please!

[UPDATE: TrailerAddict video removed…so using this YouTube version. Thanks, Kyle!]

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6 Comments on New ‘Prometheus’ Trailer Presses All the Right Buttons

  1. Kyle Jelle // March 18, 2012 at 1:16 am //

    Longer trailer here:

    Look sharp at the 1:37 mark for something interesting on the wall.

  2. Alien.

  3. I just watched the longer trailer. Does that chair that rises out of the floor remind anyone else of the command chair that has the alien skeleton in it, in Alien? You know, the huge skeleton with the hole in its chest?

    • Kyle Jelle // March 18, 2012 at 1:09 pm //

      Indeed. From what we see in these trailers, it doesn’t look like this particular alien spacecraft is ever going to make it to LV-426, but it’s definitely the same make and model.

  4. If you can find Giger’s collection of preproduction art or even the Heavy Metal published BOOK OF ALIEN, you’ll see a lot of elements from the first movie that were not used are getting a play in this movie. For example, the breast-shaped building in one scene of the trailer was there in Giger’s (and in a different format, Ron Cobb’s) preproduction artwork.

    This is looking better than I had hoped!

  5. And I’ll be you dollars for donuts (or bagels) that this **is** LV-426. After some radical…ummm…terror-forming.

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