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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 115): Military Science Fiction Mega Panel, Part 2

In episode 113 of the SF Signal Podcast, Andrew Liptak takes the helm to chat with Myke Cole, Jean Johnson and T.C. McCarthy about military science fiction.

This week’s panel:

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10 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 115): Military Science Fiction Mega Panel, Part 2

  1. Andrew Liptak indicated he felt the lack of comments. So here I go:


    More when I listen…


  2. Listening, too.

    I’ve nothing to say at the moment, but I should rewatch Battle LA, especially the scene described early on…

    And technologies do inform societies. The point about Hoplites was something I had come across recently in a Itunes University podcast about Ancient Greece.

  3. This is the only podcast I’ve heard outside of history ones to use the word “Westphalian.” Well done, Myke!

  4. Check out Jack Campbell’s & Ian “he’s too science-y” Douglas’s stories in Armored (from what I’ve read so far). Ian’s story is a Baen story if I’ve ever read one.

  5. O.K., so I need to rent/buy Battle LA now. But from the descriptions, I think the original version was better (Black Hawk Down).

  6. And it was very nice to have Myke on the episode. Not only does he use big words, which is to be expected from an officer, but it was nice to have somebody with both real-world experience and lots of theory there (I want a podcast episode just on congressional district driven technology development, killed programs full of nifty stuff and why the swapping of the M1911 for a 9mm was a silly idea.).

    • As someone that carries a 1911 most days of the week…replacing it was long overdue. They were worn out. Going with 9mm was obvious, Most of the new sub-machine guns coming out at that time were 9mm, so it was going to be in the supply chain, and keeping a special supply chain simply for a under-used sidearm was silly. Plus the US was throwing the Europeans a bone, after all we had screwed them over by first forcing 7.62×51 on them, then switching to 5.56×45 a couple of years later.

      Now whether the M9 (aka Beretta 92) was the best, that is a point that can be argued. I think they are fine firearms, as long as you arent using those bullshit checkmate mags.

  7. Dudes…we talk about military fantasy and nobody mentions Glen Cook, especially the BLACK COMPANY books?

    You are all so dead to me now.

  8. Fred Kiesche for military sf czar.

    Just to be clear, I actually like that Ian Douglas is sciencey, despite some other goodreads reviews.

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