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TRAILER: Hibernation

Hibernation is a short film about an astronaut set to go where nobody has ever been before, thanks to the ‘Hibernation’ program…until something happens between him and his instructor, Claire.

They’re looking for volunteers. It’s beng crowdfunded through Verkami

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4 Comments on TRAILER: Hibernation

  1. It looks really cool

  2. Subtitled in Spanish? I don’t understand it at all. I am Deaf and it would be nice if it was subtitled in English. That video short looks mildly interesting.

  3. Hello, Deaf65,
    It’s a spanish short film shot in english, that’s why the subtitles are only in spanish. Let me check if we can upload the trailer to YouTube to add a few subtitles.

    This is the text:

    Someone once told me…that great
    deeds start with small
    decisions…What if Christopher
    Columbus had not decided to
    explain his plans to Queen
    Isabella? What if Marco Polo had
    not taken his son on his

    Exploring is an age-old obsession
    with humans…from Magellan, to
    modern day heroes, like Neil
    Armstrong. And to think that I
    have the chance to become one of
    them…It is a dream come true…

    Thanks to the “Hibernation”
    programme, this mission is

    Today I’m setting off on a
    journey that will last 50

    …which will take humans further
    than we ever imagined… Today is
    the day in which space will be
    too small for man.

    Thanks for watching!

  4. Thank you so much guys! Keep in touch 😉

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