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Trailer: Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” Starring Johnny Depp

Looks like they’re playing it up for laughs…

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6 Comments on Trailer: Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” Starring Johnny Depp

  1. I was hoping for more Sleep Hollow and less Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
    Looks like we are getting the worst parts of both.


  2. thingmaker // March 16, 2012 at 10:16 am //

    Well… I guess they thought about the serious Dark Shadows fans… The ones for whom the show has never ended. The ones who write fan fiction and live for the next Dark Shadows Audio Drama (starring the attenuated voice of some woman who was on the series back in THE MID-20th CENTURY)… And they figured that there are only about 187 of them still living.
    So, they made this.
    Star Trek fans really have dodged the bullet. I mean by comparison.

  3. Looks ridiculous but I do like the choice of Jonny Lee Miller to play straight man to Depp’s nutty character. JLM is underutilized in the film industry IMO.

  4. Well, that was depressing.

  5. I liked it. Depp and Green (specially Green) seem to be having lots of fun.

    I hope it does not suck. Then again, that’s kinda inevitable in a vampire movie.

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