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A Gallery of 132 SF/F/H Books Coming Out in April 2012 – Pick Your Top 10!

Check out this massive (but still incomplete) list at forthcoming (mostly U.S.) book releases for April 2012.

See anything you like? Share your Top 10 picks!

  1. 172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers)
  2. 32 Fangs: A Final Vampire Tale by David Wellington (Broadway)
  3. A Song Called Youth by John Shirley (Prime Books)

  1. Above by Leah Bobet (Arthur A. Levine Books)
  2. Adrift on the Sea of Rains by Ian Sales (Whippleshield Books)
  3. After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall: A Novel by Nancy Kress (Tachyon Publications)
  1. Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess by Phil Foglio & Kaja Foglio (Night Shade Books)
  2. Alchemist of Souls (Nights Masque Vol 1) by Anne Lyle (Angry Robot)
  3. Alien Diplomacy (Alien Novels) by Gini Koch (DAW)
  1. Angels of Vengeance (Without Warning) by John Birmingham (Del Rey)
  2. Anno Dracula: The Bloody Red Baron by Kim Newman (Titan Books)
  3. Apocalypse Moon 5 (Joshua Files) by M G Harris (Scholastic)
  1. Architect of Fate (Warhammer 40000) by Christian Dunn (Black Library Hardbacks)
  2. Banner of the Damned by Sherwood Smith (DAW Hardcover)
  3. Battleship (Movie Tie-in Edition) by Peter David (Del Rey)
  1. Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig (Angry Robot)
  2. Blue Magic by A.M. Dellamonica (Tor Books)
  3. Brief Guide to Star Trek by Brian J Robb (Robinson Publishing)
  1. Burning Man (Kingdom of the Serpent, Book 2) by Mark Chadbourn (Pyr)
  2. Caine’s Law by Matthew Stover (Del Rey)
  3. Champion of Mars by Guy Haley (Solaris)
  1. Coveted by Shawntelle Madison (Ballantine Books)
  2. Curious Warnings by M R James (Jo Fletcher Books)
  3. Dark Shadows: Angelique’s Descent by Lara Parker (Tor Books)
  1. Darker Minds by Gary McMahon & Ray Cluley (Dark Minds Press)
  2. Dead Winter (Time of Legends) by CL Werner (Games Workshop)
  3. Deadfall Hotel by Steve Rasnic Tem (Solaris)
  1. Deadly Descendant (Nikki Glass) by Jenna Black (Pocket Books)
  2. Devil’s Punch: A Corine Solomon Novel by Ann Aguirre (Roc)
  3. Dog and Dragon (Dragon’s Ring) by Dave Freer (Baen)
  1. Dream Castles: The Early Jack Vance, Volume Two by Jack Vance (Subterranean)
  2. Edgar Allan Poe: Collected Stories and a Selection of his Best Loved Poems by Edgar Allan Poe (Collector’s Library Editions)
  3. Emerald City by Alicia K. Leppert (Cedar Fort, Inc.)
  1. Eona by Alison Goodman (Viking Juvenile)
  2. Evil Dark: An Occult Crime Unit Investigation by Justin Gustainis (Angry Robot)
  3. Faustus Resurrectus by Thomas Morrissey (Night Shade Books)
  1. Fevre Dream by George R.R. Martin (Bantam)
  2. Fictionauts by Mauro Mantella & Leonardo Rizzo (Studio 407)
  3. GENETIKS Volume 1 by Richard Marazano (Archaia Entertainment)
  1. Glamour in Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal (Tor Books)
  2. Goblins by Philip Reeve (Scholastic)
  3. Gods of Opar by Philip Jose Farmer & Christopher Paul Carey (Subterranean)
  1. Gothicka: Vampire Heroes, Human Gods, and the New Supernatural by Victoria Nelson (Harvard University Press)
  2. Halo: First Strike by Eric Nylund (Tor Books)
  3. Horrors From Haunted Seas: Weird Oceanic Tales by William Hope Hodgson (Creation Oneiros)
  1. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick & Jennyson Rosero (Sea Lion Books)
  2. Immobility by Brian Evenson (Tor Books)
  3. Into the Dreaming by Karen Marie Moning (Delacorte Press)
  1. Ison of the Isles by Carolyn Ives Gilman (ChiZine Publications)
  2. Kingdom Keepers V: Shell Game (The Kingdom Keepers) by Ridley Pearson (Hyperion Book CH)
  3. Kolchak and the Lost World by C. J. Henderson & Douglas Klauba (Moonstone)
  1. Kurt Vonnegut: Novels & Stories 1950-1962: Player Piano / The Sirens of Titan / Mother Night / Stories by Kurt Vonnegut (Library of America)
  2. Lance of Earth and Sky (The Chaos Knight, Book Two) by Erin Hoffman (Pyr)
  3. Last And First Contacts: v. 2: Imaginings by Stephen Baxter (NewCon Press)
  1. Lies & Omens (A Shadows Inquiries Novel) by Lyn Benedict (Ace)
  2. Liminal States by Zack Parsons (Citadel Press)
  3. Losers in Space by John Barnes (Viking Juvenile)
  1. Lost Everything by Brian Francis Slattery (Tor Books)
  2. Magic Without Mercy: An Allie Beckstrom Novel by Devon Monk (Roc)
  3. Mr. Hands by Gary A. Braunbeck (DP)
  1. Night Angel: The Complete Trilogy by Brent Weeks (Orbit)
  2. Night Sessions by Ken MacLeod (Pyr)
  3. Nightingale by Melissa Mickelsen (Hadley Rille Books)
  1. Nocturnal: A Novel by Scott Sigler (Crown)
  2. Obsidian Flame by Caris Roane (St. Martin’s Paperbacks)
  3. On the Prowl by Christine Warren (St. Martin’s Paperbacks)
  1. Orcs: Inferno by Stan Nicholls (Orbit)
  2. Passion Play by Beth Bernobich (Tor Fantasy)
  3. Pax Omega (Pax Britannia) by Al Ewing (Abaddon)
  1. Pod by Stephen Wallenfels (Ace)
  2. Point of Hopes by Melissa Scott & Lisa A. Barnett (Lethe Press)
  3. R.A. Salvatore’s War of the Spider Queen, Volume I: Dissolution, Insurrection, Condemnation by Richard Lee Byers & Thomas M. Reid & Richard Baker (Wizards of the Coast)
  1. Radiant Days by Elizabeth Hand (Viking Children’s)
  2. Real Vampires Hate Skinny Jeans by Gerry Bartlett (Berkley Trade)
  3. Red Glove (Curse Workers, Book 2) by Holly Black (Margaret K. McElderry Books)
  1. Renegade Magic (Unladylike Adventures of Kat Stephenson) by Stephanie Burgis (Atheneum Books for Young Readers)
  2. Ride the Star Winds (The John Grimes Saga) by A. Bertram Chandler (Baen)
  3. Ripper by Amy Carol Reeves (Flux)
  1. Rocket Science: Science Fiction and Non-Fiction by Ian Sales (Mutation Press)
  2. Royal Street by Suzanne Johnson (Tor Books)
  3. Science Fiction: The 101 Best Novels 1985-2010 by Damien Broderick & Paul di Filippo (NonStop Press)
  1. Shadow Blizzard by Alexey Pehov (Tor Books)
  2. Simon Vector by JAK Holding (JAK Books)
  3. Spirit’s Princess (Princesses of Myth) by Esther Friesner (Random House Books for Young Readers)
  1. Star Trek: DTI: Forgotten History by Christopher L. Bennett (Pocket Books/Star Trek)
  2. Star Wars: Scourge by Jeff Grubb (LucasBooks)
  3. Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare by Jason Fry & Paul R. Urquhart (LucasBooks)
  1. Storybound by Marissa Burt (HarperCollins)
  2. Summoning the Night: An Arcadia Bell Novel by Jenn Bennett (Pocket Books)
  3. Sword & Blood: The Vampire Musketeers (Vampire Musketeers 1) by Sarah Marques (Prime Books)
  1. Taken at Dusk (Shadow Falls) by C. C. Hunter (St. Martin’s Griffin)
  2. Tales from Super-Science Fiction edited by Robert Silverberg (Haffner Press)
  3. Terminator/Robocop: Kill Human TP by Rob Williams & PJ Holden (Dynamite Entertainment)
  1. The Best of Kage Baker by Kage Baker (Subterranean)
  2. The Book of Blood and Shadow by Robin Wasserman (Knopf Books for Young Readers)
  3. The Calling by Kelley Armstrong (Doubleday Canada)
  1. The Chaos by Nalo Hopkinson (Margaret K. McElderry Books)
  2. The Claimed (Sin Hunters) by Caridad Piñeiro (Forever)
  3. The Complete John Thunstone by Manly Wade Wellman (Haffner Press)
  1. The Eye of the Chained God: The Abyssal Plague Trilogy, Book III by Don Bassingthwaite (Wizards of the Coast)
  2. The Fountain of Age: Stories by Nancy Kress (Small Beer Press)
  3. The Green Man by Michael Bedard (Tundra Books)
  1. The Haunted by Bentley Little (Signet)
  2. The Helix War by Edward Willett (DAW)
  3. The Humanism of Doctor Who: A Critical Study in Science Fiction and Philosophy by David Layton (Mcfarland & Co Inc Pub)
  1. The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Dreadnaught by Jack Campbell (Ace)
  2. The Mongoliad: Book One (The Foreworld Saga) by Neal Stephenson, Greg Bear, Mark Teppo et. al. (47North)
  3. The Nekropolis Archives by Tim Waggoner (Angry Robot)
  1. The Nightworld by Jack Blaine (HarperCollins)
  2. The Pack by Jason Starr (Ace)
  3. The Resisters #2: Sterling Squadron by Eric Nylund (Random House Books for Young Readers)
  1. The Road of Danger (Lt. Leary) by David Drake (Baen)
  2. The Rogue (The Traitor Spy Trilogy) by Trudi Canavan (Orbit)
  3. The Selection (Selection – Trilogy) by Kiera Cass (HarperTeen)
  1. The Shape of Desire (A Shifting Circle Novel) by Sharon Shinn (Ace Hardcover)
  2. The Shining City: (Book Three of the Warriors of Estavia) by Fiona Patton (DAW)
  3. The Straits of Galahesh: Book Two of The Lays of Anuskaya by Bradley P. Beaulieu (Night Shade Books)
  1. The Summoning by Carol Wolf (Night Shade Books)
  2. The Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel by Stephen King (Scribner)
  3. Tricked (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Four) by Kevin Hearne (Del Rey)
  1. Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer (Ace Hardcover)
  2. Unholy Night by Seth Grahame-Smith (Grand Central Publishing)
  3. Vengeance (The Tainted Realm) by Ian Irvine (Orbit)
  1. Void Stalker (Night Lords) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (Games Workshop)
  2. Voyage to the End of Time by Joe Fitzpatrick (Tate Publishing)
  3. Walk on the Wild Side: The Best Horror Stories of Karl Edward Wagner, Volume 2 by Karl Edward Wagner (Centipede Press)
  1. Westlake Soul by Rio Youers (ChiZine Publications)
  2. Where the Summer Ends: The Best Horror Stories of Karl Edward Wagner, Volume 1 by Karl Edward Wagner & J.K. Potter (Centipede Press)
  3. White Horse: A Novel by Alex Adams (Atria/Emily Bestler Books)
  1. Wicked City: A Zephyr Hollis Novel by Alaya Johnson (Thomas Dunne Books)
  2. Winter’s Dreams by Glen Cook (Subterranean)
  3. Wishful Thinking (Time of Transition 3) by Gabi Stevens (Tor Books)

(Note: Release information was sourced from Amazon and others. Some reprints have been omitted. Release dates subject to change. So there.)

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6 Comments on A Gallery of 132 SF/F/H Books Coming Out in April 2012 – Pick Your Top 10!

  1. Only the Robert J. Sawyer please.

  2. Top 10:

    1. (not listed here) Through the Valley of the Nest of Spiders by Samuel Delany (Magnus, April 17, though it’s slipped again and again since last fall’s original date, and some places already just say May 1)
    2. After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall — read and enjoyed this short novel
    3. (not listed here) Cataclysm Baby by Matt Bell (Mud Luscious Press, April 15)
    4. The Mongoliad, though honestly I have no idea if it isn’t “just” an historical fiction?
    5. Glamour in Glass (sequel to Shades of Milk and Honey)
    6. Lance of Earth and Sky (sequel to Sword of Fire and Sea)
    7. Ison of the Isles, though I need to read the first book first
    8. The Chaos
    9. Deadfall Hotel
    10. Blackbirds

    And a non-genre book on my radar this month is The Book of Madness and Cures, by Regina O’Melveney (April 10, Little, Brown).

  3. Oh man. I forgot one which looks really good to me, and you have it listed here: Lost Everything by Slattery (Tor).

  4. Alchemist of Souls
    Anno Dracula
    Banner of the Damned
    Lance of Earth and Sky
    Straits of Galahesh

    And many others. 🙂

  5. A really interesting batch of books. Given my affinity for dark fiction, these 10 books jumped out at me:

    1. “Royal Street” by Suzanne Johnson – I’m actually reading an ARC right now. Liking it so far.
    2. “The Wind Through the Keyhole” by Stephen King – The Dark Tower is my favorite book series, so this is an easy one to put on my list.
    3. “Blackbirds” by Chuck Wendig – The cover alone is enticing enough.
    4. “The Haunted” by Bentley Little
    5. “The Nightworld” by Jack Blaine – Sounds promising, and hopefully better than Stephen King’s “Under the Dome.”
    6. “Westlake Soul” by Rio Youers – Chizine never disappoints.
    7. “Curious Warnings” by M.R. James – Ah, the classics.
    8. “Darker Minds” by Gary McMahon & Ray Cluley – I enjoy McMahon’s work, though unfamiliar with Cluley.
    9. “Deadfall Hotel” by Steve Rasnic Tem – I’m a sucker for a haunted house–or hotel.
    10. “Mr. Hands” by Gary A. Braunbeck – I hope Gary Braunbeck is one of those scant few authors getting paid by Dorchester Publishing.

  6. In no particular order:

    The Best of Kage Baker by Kage Baker
    Radiant Days by Elizabeth Hand
    A Song Called Youth by John Shirley
    Dream Castles: The Early Jack Vance, Volume Two by Jack Vance
    Gothicka: Vampire Heroes, Human Gods, and the New Supernatural by Victoria Nelson
    Curious Warnings by M R James

    I am hoping for the Delany to cone out too, but I’m not betting on ir

    Also, McFarland is supposed to be issuing a critical edition of H. G. Wells’ THE MAN WHO COULD WORK MIRACLES.

    I’m curious about Claire Curtis’ Postapocalyptic Fiction and the Social Contract: We’ll Not Go Home Again, due out in paperback this month.

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