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New Titles From Infinity Plus Books

There are some new releases headed your way (both electronic and print editions) from Infinity Plus books…

  • Ghostwriting by Eric Brown (ebook: $2.99/£1.99; trade paperback: $11.99) [Mar 2012] – Over the course of a career spanning twenty five years, Eric Brown has written just a handful of horror and ghost stories – and all of them are collected here. Ranging from the psychological horror through fantastical horror to almost-mainstream, Ghostwriting is Eric Brown at his humane and compelling best.
  • One of Us by Iain Rowan (ebook: $2.99/£1.99; trade paperback: $11.99) [Mar 2012] – Anna is one of the invisible people. She fled her own country when the police murdered her brother and her father, and now she serves your food, cleans your table, changes your bed, and keeps the secrets of her past well hidden. When she used her medical school experience to treat a man with a gunshot wound, Anna thought it would be a way to a better life. Instead, it leads to a world of people trafficking, prostitution, murder and the biggest decision of Anna’s life: how much is she prepared to give up to be one of us? Shortlisted for the UK Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger award.
  • One More Unfortunate by Kaitlin Queen (first published as an ebook, Dec 2010; first print edition: trade paperback $11.99, Mar 2012] – Relentlessly drawn back to a circle of old friends and enemies, Nick Redpath has all kinds of issues to deal with. But first he must prove that he didn’t murder his old flame, Geraldine Wyse… Kaitlin Queen is the adult fiction pen-name of a best-selling children’s author. This is her first crime novel.

Additionally, there’s a new crop of infinity plus singles

Pilots of the Purple Twilight by Kit Reed ($0.99/£0.77)

  • infinity plus singles #16 [Mar 2012]
  • The wives spent every day by the pool – this was where the men had left them, after all. A moving, incisive story that gets right under your skin from an author whose prose style has been described as “pure dry ice” by The New York Times Book Review.

Memories of the Flying Ball Bike Shop by Garry Kilworth ($0.99/£0.77)

  • infinity plus singles #17 [Mar 2012]
  • Understand the one you hate. What did the old Chinese man smoke? He smoked his enemy, and when he had smoked the hated man he would know him. “The best short story writer in any genre” (New Scientist).

All the Little Gods We Are by John Grant ($0.99/£0.77)

  • infinity plus singles #18 [Mar 2012]
  • A moving tale by award-winning author John Grant about a man discovering that somehow the story of his past has been written all wrong. A superbly measured fantasy about loss, and sorrow, and the pain of dealing with past passions.

Closet Dreams by Lisa Tuttle ($0.99/£0.77)

  • infinity plus singles #19 [Mar 2012]
  • “Something terrible happened to me when I was a little girl…” So begins this extraordinary, International Horror Guild Award-winning tale of abduction, survival and escape from the author Stephen Jones has called “a major force in macabre fiction.”

Fear of Widths by David D Levine ($0.99/£0.77)

  • infinity plus singles #20 [Mar 2012]
  • Home for his parents’ funeral … all the familiar, yet unfamiliar, things. And the horizon. How could he have forgotten the horizon? Mind-bending fiction from a Hugo-winning author.
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