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Now on Kindle: ‘Solstice Chronicles’ by Jeff Patterson

We interrupt your SF/F chatter for some shameless shilling!

Now that the weather is warm and the pollen level is rising, Jeff Patterson thought it would be the perfect time to launch his book Solstice Chronicles on the Kindle platform.

Solstice Chronicles is a collection of all the Bad Day Studio Holiday Cards released so far. Seventeen (count ’em) illustrated stories about aliens, lost warriors and strange visitations…all for a measly $2.99!

Here’s the description:

Witness the strange birth of Baby New Year. Follow a pulp adventurer who’s never home for the holidays. Discover a lone snowman on one of Jupiter’s moons. Attend a family gathering under the watchful gaze of an automated house. Embark on an interdimensional search for a world without holidays.

Since 1995 Bad Day Studio has been producing illustrated Holiday Cards. This volume collects Jeff Patterson’s seasonal science fiction and fantasy stories.

Solstice Chronicles takes you from an ominous fortress at the world’s end to a diner on a distant space habitat in search of the spirit of the season.

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