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REVIEW: Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris

REVIEW SUMMARY: Worth the money, and it’s not just for kids.


SYNOPSIS: Tell Me a Dragon is a beautifully-illustrated kids’ book, but would be as at home on a coffee table as in a nursery. The art is beautiful, and the writing is poetic.

PROS: Lush, pretty and appealing.
CONS: Too short!
SUMMARY: Worth the money, and fit for the coffee table.

“My Dragon is made from the sun and the stars.
Sparkled with stardust,
all night he follows the silver moon-path
across the sky.”

The interior front cover of Jackie Morris’s Tell Me a Dragon is painted with unhatched dragon eggs, one tiny dragon just sticking its head out of an egg in the far corner. Eleven unique, full-color dragons inhabit the pages of this book. From fire to ice, Europe to the Middle East to Asia, the dragons hail from all over the world. Their riders are equally diverse, all ages and skin colors, as many girls as boys.

“Curled around my pillow
My dragon sleeps,
and keeps
one eye on the door
to be sure
no monsters creep
into my dreams.”

The book finishes with a prompt for the kid (s) to describe their dragon, and then a rear interior cover showing dozens of little dragons crawling out of their shells.

I have nieces and nephews, and could steal a whole bunch of friends’ kids, and I want to, just to hear the kids respond to this prompt: What does your dragon look like? Is she red or gold, big or small, gentle or fierce?

Tell Me a Dragon would be a great bedtime book, a rainy-day art prompt, or a fun school discussion for younger kids. It’s also a beautiful addition to a coffee table for any dragon lover. My only complaints are the the book isn’t longer, and that the prints do not appear to be available online. But it’s worth the price, and fit for the coffee table.

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  1. Thanks, Jaym.

    I think this would make an excellent gift for my friends’ daughter.

  2. The author sent my daughter a signed copy with some extra dragons doodled inside the cover! It’s a very beautiful book & sparked a dragon-drawing lesson when she took it to school.

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