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TOC: The Enormous Book of Uncanny Creatures

The contents of The Enormous Book of Uncanny Creatures (SF Signal Irregular Press; cover design by Dange R. Gal) have been posted:

  • “I Have No Robot Zombie Vampire Ninja Unicorns and I Must Scream” by Reggie Sterd Trademark
  • “Fender’s Game: Wasted Days, Wasted Nights” by Tony Orlando Calrissian
  • “The Three Gymkata of Palmer Eldritch” by Lee O. Tard
  • “The Nine Billion Names of Mod Squad” by Peter Julian Linc
  • “Night Mare at 3×10^5 Nanometers” by Bill Um Shatnur
  • “Rukhbeak’s Statio” by Rob Silvermountain
  • “A Meeting with Mechamedusa” by Author See Clerk
  • “The Bagel Apocalypse Codices” by Chuck Roast
  • “Flameless, an Alex Biscotti Story” by Shale Derringer

With this inaugural publication, the SF Signal Irregular Press endeavored to create a multi-volume, shared-world, cross-platform SF/F e-book megathology. Any genre trope was accepted, but we specifically looked for the elements of all successful books: pirates, ninjas, vampires, zeppelins and zombies. Book ships with special collector’s edition bagel pack.

Submissions will soon open for a roleplaying game supplement to TEBOUC. We are specifically looking to expand the mythos of the leprechaun vampire hunters, psychic robot werewolves and the uber-evil My Little Ponies.

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  1. Filippo Bia // April 1, 2012 at 11:34 am //

    Nice one guys. Im going to buy it just as you publishe on olographic tape next year… 🙂 BTW: please send me the bagel right now.

  2. Where is price and buy button? I wish to order.

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