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Tuesday Tune – Star Fox Space Oddity

Star Fox is a series of games for the various Nintendo gaming systems where you play the titular hero, Star Fox, as you fly through space shooting and destroying enemies, with the “help” of your wingmen. “Space Oddity” is a song by David Bowie. Mash them together with puppets and you get this hilarious (and catchy) video from Brentalfloss. Sure, it loses something if you haven’t played Star Fox, but just know that Star Fox’s wingmen are less than useless, unless you like whiny cries for help every five seconds, and then there’s Slippy. Let’s just say the ire thrown her way in the video is totally justified, in a game context.


I really enjoy the 1920’s-ish version that’s run during the credits. Am I the only one who’d love to hear the full song like that?

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