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“Community” Goes 16-Bit (Yay!) And Says Goodbye to Showrunner Dan Harmon (Boo!)

Community has been a bit hit-or-miss this season (and the recent news of creator Dan Harmon’s departure as showrunner means it will likely get worse), but last week’s episode, “Digital Estate Planning”, is inspired. Not quite as much as the D&D epsiode, but darn close. Take a look…

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2 Comments on “Community” Goes 16-Bit (Yay!) And Says Goodbye to Showrunner Dan Harmon (Boo!)

  1. Loved the episode! Can’t believe they’re gonna go forward without Harmon. Kind of upset about that. You can tell they didn’t think they’d get another (half) season with the final two episodes from last week. It ended quite well and had the feel of a series finale.

  2. I admit to not watching this show very often. I can probably count on one hand the number of eps I’ve actually seen, but I caught this one last week and thoroughly loved it. So much fun.

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