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What Do You Think of CW’s Trailer for Green ‘Arrow’?

Oddly, they’re not leverageing the name recognition of Green Arrow…opting instead for the shorter Arrow. And what’s with the loose hood? If he turns his head, he can’t see, making it impossible to aim his weapon…amiright?

Based on this trailer, what do you think? Is this something you’d watch?

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4 Comments on What Do You Think of CW’s Trailer for Green ‘Arrow’?

  1. Looks good to me. I’ll be watching it.

  2. It seems as though they’re trying to be faithful to the character. And Green Arrow is a hero you can do on a TV budget. Plus it’s always nice to see Katie Cassidy getting some work.

    I wonder, though, whether Green Arrow is a popular enough character to launch and sustain a television series. I’m quite sure the reason they didn’t use his full character name is to avoid any confusion by the lay-audience with Green Lantern. But that confusion, at least, might have gotten people to tune in.

  3. TheAdlerian // May 21, 2012 at 8:09 pm //

    I’ll check it out.

    It would be nice if it was more of a crime/spy show rather than a soap opera, but time will tell.

  4. I’m…worried.

    Green Arrow is one of my favorite DC characters. His story has elements very similar to Batman (on purpose, actually); rich playboy, no powers, does what he does through intense training, but is driven by his politics to be a reimagined Robin Hood (another favorite character of mine) who ‘fights for the little guy’ often forgotten by the ‘major’ heroes in their battles.

    He probably became most popular when paired with Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern in the 70’s, acting as a radical counter point to Hal’s thinking at the time.

    I came to know the character best when Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters mini-series debuted. The story launched a grittier version of the character, one who killed the people who attacked and tortured Black Canary.

    As with all of DC’s characters, Ollie’s origins and stories are mired in various retcons and reboots throughout the years.

    As for the CW trailer, it looks and feels very much like Smallville, which is probably the intention. I know they were trying to figure out a new DC character to fill Clark Kent’s shoes on the network after that show went off the air. Interesting that they chose not to spin-off any of the versions of characters/heroes who appeared on Smallville during it’s five hundred year run on the network. (Yes, I know there’s a failed Aquaman pilot floating around out there)

    But the soap opera elements are what turned me off of Smallville, and will probably turn me off of Arrow. I will watch the 1st episode because I want to see their take on the character and the universe, but if they run it like Smallville, I probably won’t stick around for long. Which will make me sad because I do like the character.


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