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Daniel Abraham Adapts “A Game of Thrones”

Winter is coming!

I know, I know – that gets said a lot.  Today, it’s being said over on the Kirkus Reviews Blog, where I’m starting a new series on Graphic Novel adaptations of literary works.

First up?  Game of Thrones Volume 1 from Dynamite/Bantam.

Making the leap from printed word to a visual medium isn’t always easy.  Everyone has a favorite book adapted to film that, in their opinion, fell short of the original material (The Dresden Files on SyFy comes to mind).  A Game of Thrones has not only been adapted to a successful television show, there’s also a Graphic Novel / comic book series adapted by Daniel Abraham (author of The Dragon’s Path) with art by Tommy Patterson (Farscape (Boom! Studios)), A Game of Thrones Volume One brings together in hardcover form, the first 6 issues of the comic originally published by Dynamite Entertainment.

Check out the full article over on the Kirkus Reviews blog.

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