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TOC: ‘Adventures in Science Fantasy’ by Robert E. Howard, Edited by Rob Roehm

The Robert E. Howard Foundation Press has posted the table of contents for their upcoming collection Adventures in Science Fantasy which collects REH’s “sort of science fiction” stories. The 298-page book comes with an introduction by Michael Stackpole and cover art by Mark Schultz

Adventures in Science Fantasy

  • “The Last Laugh”
  • “The Gondarian Man”
  • “The Supreme Moment”
  • “The People of the Black Coast”
  • “King of the Forgotten People”
  • Almuric
  • “The Challenge from Beyond”


  • “A Twentieth Century Rip Van Winkle”
  • “The Iron Terror”
  • “The Last Man”
  • “The Last White Man”
  • “A Room in London”
  • “The Man Who Went Back”
  • Untitled Synopsis (“Hunwulf”)
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