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TOC: ‘Flying in the Heart of the Lafayette Escadrille’ by James van Pelt

From Fairwood Press comes the table of contents for James van Pelt’s upcoming (October 2012) collection Flying in the Heart of the Lafayette Escadrille:

  1. “Father’s Dragon”
  2. “Just Before Recess”
  3. “O Tannebaum”
  4. “Night Sweats”
  5. “Teaching”
  6. “Working the Moon Unit”
  7. “Plant Life”
  8. “That He Might Yet Find the Unknown”
  9. “Floaters”
  10. “The Road’s End”
  11. “One in a Thousand”
  12. “Rockhouse”
  13. “Mrs. Hatcher’s Evaluation”
  14. “Far From the Emerald Isle”
  15. “Howl Above the Din”
  16. “No Small Change”
  17. “The Saint from Abdijan”
  18. “Ark Ascension”
  19. “Working Pushout”
  20. “Notes from the Field”
  21. “Savannah is Six”
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