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TOC: ‘Mythic Delirium 27’ Edited by Mike Allen

Mike Allen has posted the table of contents for Mythic Delirium 27:

  1. “Carve Me” by Alex Dally MacFarlane
  2. “Sonnet 20: From Nikola Tesla’s Clockwork Assistant to Thomas Edison’s Automaton” by Ken Liu
  3. “What Would You Think” by Theodora Goss
  4. “She Fell in Love with Winter” by S. Brackett Robertson
  5. “Vivian to Merlin” by Theodora Goss
  6. “The Tears of Sigrune” by Anna Sykora
  7. “The Gardener” by Sandi Leibowitz
  8. “The Architecture of Grief” by Rachel Swirsky
  9. “Kalligeneia 2012” by Sonya Taaffe
  10. “The Bones of the Girl Musicians” by Sandi Leibowitz
  11. “More” by Sofía Rhei (translated into English by Lawrence Schimel)
  12. “The Oracle Never Dances” by Shira Lipkin
  13. “The Magic Window” by Sofía Rhei (translated into English by Lawrence Schimel)
  14. “The Light of Dreams” by Alexandra Seidel
  15. “The Pied Piper vs. the Sirens” by Gwynne Garfinkle
  16. “Ereshkigal’s Proposal to Hades” by Shira Lipkin
  17. “Plucked from the Horo” by Rose Lemberg
  18. “My Grandson Never Dreams Of Dragons” by Lida Broadhurst
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