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Free eBook: “Technicolor Ultra Mall” by Ryan Oakley

Today only, EDGE and Tesseract Books is making Ryan Oakley’s Technicolor Ultra Mall available as a free Download.

Here’s the description:

In the commodified future the consequences of a failing society are brought to bear upon one man’s ambition and his attempt to escape his own socio-economic hell.

About Technicolor Ultra Mall:

The world’s ecosystems have been destroyed by genetic pollution and cities have evolved into mega malls.

Budgie is a knife wielding, brass knuckled young man from the impoverished and brutal red section of Toronto’s T-Dot Center. When his best friend is urdered and Budgie falls in love with the woman responsible, he learns that there’s more to life than drugs, blood or money. To escape his past he must give up everything and everyone he knows and sell his perceptions to an enigmatic and dangerous gang leader.

Fighting for survival and unwittingly involved in a scheme that only he can stop, Budgie must ask himself: Does he want to?

Technicolor Ultra Mall is an ultra-violent science fiction dystopic novel about the value of being human in a completely commodified world.

Remember, this is for today only, so grab it while you can!

[via Josh at Examiner]

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4 Comments on Free eBook: “Technicolor Ultra Mall” by Ryan Oakley

  1. Hi,

    what do I do when I like the book but don´t have a Kindle?
    I could download and read it if it were in ePub without any problem.
    Is the Kindle application for PC enough to grab it free?
    Sorry for this moronic question, I´m not very bright recently…
    Cheers, T.

  2. Looks like Bruce Willis.

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