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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 129): Panel Discussion: Mind-bending ideas from Science Fiction and Fantasy

In episode 129 of the Hugo Nominated SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks our irregulars to weigh in on: The most mind-bending idea you’ve ever encountered in a work of fantasy or science fiction.

This week’s panel:

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10 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 129): Panel Discussion: Mind-bending ideas from Science Fiction and Fantasy

  1. This episode is too mind-bending for my podcaster app to download.

    • Not sure what that means, Tam. If I click ‘play’ above, it plays. If I right-click the download link, it downloads. Same with iTunes and the RSS feed.


  2. It’s fixed now. Before, the ‘play now’ in the feed was linked to that swf thing.

  3. It still wont HuffDuff

  4. I didn’t see it on Itunes this morning. We’ll see when I get home 🙂

  5. Mind-bending ideas in SF/F there’re a lot!!!! Because by their own nature those genres are themselves mind-bending. That’s the reason is so hard to pick up a single idea or even a group of them. I only going to mention «Wipping Star» by Frank Herbert… to me it was to much. And «Through the Gates of the Silver Key» by H. P. lovecraft was a divine revelation.

  6. What was the name of that author, mentioned at the beginning? I heard something like Swarzynsky, but googling it returned no good results.

  7. I was also wondering about the author mentioned in previous comment. You know what would be a great feature in the podcast posts? A list of authors/works mentioned in the podcast.

    • Hugh,

      I’ve put out there a couple of times that we’d love a show notes writer, but no one seems interested. Are you volunteering? 😉


      • hmmm… given my status as a solicitor of information regarding the podcast, I may not be the ideal candidate for the initial provision of that information. 😉 I do, however, praise your optimism/opportunism…

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