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The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 131): Panel Discussion: Female Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies


In episode 131 of the Hugo Nominated SF Signal Podcast, Patrick Hester asks our irregulars to weigh in on: Female superheroes who deserve their own movies.

This week’s panel:

Expanded topic notes:

Following on the success of the Avenger’s, and praise for Scarlett Johansen’s portrayal of the Black Widow, there is a lot of speculation on which characters we’ll see on the big screen next. Unfortunately, former Editor in Chief / current Chief Creative Officer for Marvel, Joe Quesada, doesn’t see that being any of Marvel’s female characters/heroes.

From Ain’t it Cool News:

– In a chat afterwards, Joe told me that he’d love to make a tentpole movie with a female lead, but that he really doesn’t think there is an actress right now who could carry it, or a character that would work either. I’m thinking I might agree with him on this one actually.

Seriously? In all of Hollywood, and all of the Marvel Universe, there’s not a single actress / character combination that would work?

What do you think?

Another reaction: She Has No Head! – Dear Marvel: Please Stop Ruining Everything

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7 Comments on The SF Signal Podcast (Episode 131): Panel Discussion: Female Superheroes Who Deserve Their Own Movies

  1. Hmm, we have had Supergirl and Catwoman movies, not too successful. Some pretty good action movies featuring women lately have been Kill Bill and especially Scott Pilgrim. Ms. Marvel had a pretty good solo run as a comic.

  2. The problem is that neither Spiderwoman or She-Hulk have a good foundation for a big tent-pole movie. The Black Widow was awesome in the Avengers, but I don’t think the character, not the actress, can’t hold a big blockbuster movie due to the nature of the the character.

    I wrote about my theory on what makes a good comic book movie here:

    Jason Andrew

  3. Did you know sf author Richard K. Morgan did some Black Widow comics? I haven’t read them.

  4. Jessica // June 11, 2012 at 9:16 pm //

    Psylocke would make an excellent character with the right actress, director and writer. She does have a rich background story to draw from, if edited, like they did with Blade. Black Widow has a rich background story as well, and that is one reason why it is likely to succeed, plus name recognition with the actress. I believe it is very hard to get super-heroine movies to succeed, due to backgrounds that are not seen as gritty enough. Also..Black Widow is not technically a mutant superhero, hence the need for weapons. She is a highly trained assassin, but has no other mutant abilities, to my knowledge, that would allow her to forgo some additional weaponry while in battle. The guns may also help make up any disadvantage that she could be at, whether height, weight, etc. that would give her opponent an advantage.

  5. Nobody suggested Jessica Biel or Claudia Black for any of these roles? Jessica Biel has star power, action movie experience, and can pack on some muscle. And here’s Claudia Black as Wonder Woman:

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